Tripility tests Scarborough, gluten free anyone?

This week we have the return of our wonderful gluten free blogger, Victoria! To celebrate the launch of Tripility, we went out sampling some GF treats in Scarborough! Enjoy, Debs.

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Written by Victoria; an honorary member of the Tripility team.

How do you celebrate the launch of the wonderful Tripility website ( with the superstar brain behind it all? Obviously you take her out for dinner, so that you can write a review for said website – hopefully the first of many review dinners in the Scarborough area! Our meal required both gluten free food and disabled access which led to visit The Copper Horse in Seamer. Luckily we were prepared and had a gourmet card ( with us, which meant we were able to enjoy starters and mains with a cheeky discount. 

Almost enough choice...!
Almost enough choice…!

Although both Deborah and I have visited The Copper Horse previously, we were excited to see new menus online and even better, a new improved extensive gluten free menu, which had many of the same options as the ‘normal’ menu. Deborah carefully counted that most of the mains on the gluten free menu were the same as her menu and therefore I wouldn’t be missing out too much. After considering the ample range of gluten free options, we chose a sharing platter to start which came with gluten free bread, cashew nuts, humus and olives. It was fantastic. Usually, gluten free bread is something to be avoided, but this bread was very moreish; even Deborah was happy to eat it, stating that she couldn’t really tell the difference. In the world of gluten free bread, which can usually taste similar to polystyrene, saying that is really something!

The star of the show tucking in!
The star of the show tucking in!

The gluten free main course did not disappoint either. I had chosen a beef burger expecting to have it without the bread, however the beef burger arrived in a bread bun which once again tasted fantastic. Sadly, there were no chips with my beef burger, due to the fact that even though they are on the gluten free menu, they are fried in the same fryer as other gluten containing products. The waiter made us aware of this when I ordered and allowed me to make the choice, as some gluten free people would be happy to have a slight contamination. The attentiveness to detail and ensuring that cross contamination was avoided could not have been better.

Gluten free burger, utterly delicious.
Gluten free burger, utterly delicious.

There may have been a slight bias so far towards food – who can blame me – however, disability access was another issue which we had to contend with. When we arrived at The Copper Horse, we were happy to see that disabled parking was available and it was close to the door, always good for when you have opted for heels as well! The entrance to The Copper Horse from the disabled parking did involve negotiating some steps, however it was not a flight of stairs, so manageable. Unfortunately, we were then left waiting at the bar for a long time whilst our table was sorted and drinks were ordered; having already negotiated some steps this wasn’t ideal – thank goodness for bar stools. Once again the enemy that is steps confronted us as we were led to our table (in the restaurant), however, other tables on the same level as the bar are available and maybe we could have thought about requesting this when booking.

All in all we had a fantastic time and left feeling rather full! A huge congratulations is due to Miss Deborah Parsons for her wonderful, brilliant idea and for allowing us a superb reason to dine out whilst celebrating the launch of the Tripility website. Please take a look at the website and hopefully you will find it just as wonderful and useful as I do!

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One quarter of Team Tripility!
One quarter of Team Tripility!

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