Tripility is a user generated resource for the travel needs of those with a disability, specific dietary requirements and families with young children.

Tripility was born from the frustration in finding accessible accommodation at holiday destinations, cemented further by unhelpful advice from travel companies not understanding our needs. The site will provide reviews based on users’ holiday and travel experiences. Providing reviews from those with similar needs will give people an informed choice for their trip. The site aims to provide access information to a range of people such as; wheelchair users, those who are deaf or hearing impaired, people on a gluten free diet or even families traveling with children.

We will also have helpful guides on worldwide holiday destinations, photos, videos, blogs and a Tripility community; all to help people make the right decision for their needs. We don’t want to tell users where they are able to holiday, we want to enable them to have the freedom to choose, with all the information they need in one handy place.

Our in house team have been building the website for the last year and we  have recently launched the beta website at http://www.tripility.com.


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Tripility is a user driven travel resource, giving disabled people, those with dietary requirements or families of children the informed choice for their trip.

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