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Throwing ice water on your head, but why?

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Written by Debs; part of the Tripility team.

We can’t have failed to notice the recent craze that swept the world of social media, the Ice Bucket Challenges. For anyone that doesn’t know about them (ludicrous suggestions, I know), this is something that began in America. Essentially, some lovely generous person throws a bucket of ice water over your head, you have to stand (or sit) there and take it, then nominate others to partake in this challenge as well; once icy cold, you donate money, if you don’t complete the challenge within 24 hours, you have to donate even more money (in theory). Money donated goes to either the ALS Association (www.alsa.org) or the MND Association (www.mndassociation.org). In the few weeks that this challenge has circulated, it has raised millions for both charities. Read more on our main site……

Who thought ice water would be that cold?
Who thought ice water would be that cold?