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Tripility tests Scarborough, gluten free anyone?

This week we have the return of our wonderful gluten free blogger, Victoria! To celebrate the launch of Tripility, we went out sampling some GF treats in Scarborough! Enjoy, Debs.

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Written by Victoria; an honorary member of the Tripility team.

How do you celebrate the launch of the wonderful Tripility website (http://www.tripility.com/about) with the superstar brain behind it all? Obviously you take her out for dinner, so that you can write a review for said website – hopefully the first of many review dinners in the Scarborough area! Our meal required both gluten free food and disabled access which led to visit The Copper Horse in Seamer. Luckily we were prepared and had a gourmet card (https://www.gourmetsociety.co.uk/) with us, which meant we were able to enjoy starters and mains with a cheeky discount.  Continue reading Tripility tests Scarborough, gluten free anyone?